ALM for Emergency Management Professionals using Virtual Reality

Active Learning Modules for Emergency Management Professionals using Virtual Reality

There is a growing need for cost effective training of personnel in Emergency Management (EM) work that integrates professionals of diverse work roles. Use of live trials in workplaces for training for emergency situations and to prepare for crisis can be expensive, risky, inflexible to adapt to alternative situations, and difficult to replicate. While EM preparedness issues are often on the syllabus in EM training and medical professional programs, often these have limited time and resources to include practical exercises and experience in the learning context. This project will develop a new approach to EM education and training that are based on theories of Active Learning, and that will apply innovative uses of Virtual Reality (VR) technologies.  It will create technology-enhanced modules using VR interactive simulations for professionals in EM training called active learning modules (ALM) that are adaptive, safe, flexible and reusable. This project will: 1. Support flexible, active and collaborative learning through the application of the ALM in EM training using VR simulation technology, for an engaging learning experience. It will facilitate reflection on collaborative problem-solving under critical conditions and reflection on team interaction and procedures in emergency settings. 2. Contribute to the cooperation between higher education and work life in that it adds to higher quality educational offering a new instruction methods for: a continuing education program (lifelong learning program) in emergency management at Molde University College and in the professional practical placement course for medical students at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.